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Barristers - Restaurant & Bar

Barristers Restaurant (LED retrofit) - Newlands with a Commercial/Hospitality portfolio, generating 84% energy savings.


Replacement with a “Plug & Play” retrofit project of E27 60w CFL A60 and E27 40W CFL Candle lamps with LED 8w E27 A60 replacements and 3w E27/E14 FR 230V Dimmable Master LED lamps into existing Chandeliers and restaurant sconce fittings
2700k CCT temperature used. Also available in a Clear finish, as well as in, an E27 and Golf ball type. All lamps dimmable for ambience setting.
Light (Lux) levels were not compromised when replacing CFL lamps used in this Restaurant/Bar decorative feature.


• Large energy savings: Instant 84% energy savings.
• Reduced Maintenance costs: The lamp life increases from 2000 hrs to 45 000 hrs resulting in reduced disturbances to high traffic retail area.
• Low heat production: Low heat emissions help to reduce air conditioning consumption.
• CO² Emissions: Reduced CO² emissions by approximately 3.0 tonnes per year from the Restaurant.

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