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    Barristers - Restaurant & Bar

    Barristers Restaurant (LED retrofit) - Newlands with a Commercial/Hospitality portfolio, generating 84% energy savings.

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    Castle of Good Hope - Cape Town

    Architectural Illumination of the Oldest surviving Heritage Building in South Africa, with a 18,5 Million colour palette to choose from, generating >50% energy savings.

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    Earth Child – Retail Store, V&A Waterfront

    All LED store design without compromising Lux levels with a Commercial/Retail portfolio, the LED replaced traditional light sources generating > 65% energy savings.

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    Table Bay Hotel - Sun International

    A 5 star Luxury Hotel - V&A Waterfront with an Architectural/Hospitality/Luxury portfolio, generating >70% energy savings over traditional lighting solutions.

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    The Boardwalk - Sun International

    The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World with an Architectural/Commercial/Hospitality/Retail portfolio, focused on general energy savings.

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    Victoria Falls Bridge

    Architectural Project in Zimbabwe illuminating the whole bridge, generating > 60% energy saving.

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