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Castle of Good Hope - Cape Town

Architectural Illumination of the Oldest surviving Heritage Building in South Africa, with a 18,5 Million colour palette to choose from, generating >50% energy savings.


Client Brief:
• “Design & installation of an RGB architectural legacy project as part of the Philips C2C (Cairo 2 Cape Town roadshow).
• >50% energy savings to be achieved over traditional Light sources used.
• Western Cape Heritage building illumination design restrictions such that no LED fixtures are to be fixed or to touch the >200 year old building. Enhance attraction of the building by creating a night-time feature , while achieving Energy cost savings.
• Phase 1: Main Wall and Entrance tower illuminated using 2x 20D & 5x 40D RGB LED Floods , while Buuren , Leerdam and Orange Bastions each will have 10x 10D RGB floods creating a dynamic “curtain feature”. Bespoke light shows with various wall wash, chasing rainbow, sparkle effects and a pallate to choose from 18,5 million colours.
• Phase 2 & 3 to be installed in early 2015.”


• Large energy savings: Instant >50% energy savings.
• Reduced Maintenance costs: the lamp life increases from 4000 hrs to 75 000 hrs, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.
• Enhance security and Robust : Architectural illumination enhances the security of the building as well as a “fit & forget” LED product with IP65 rating and vandal proof fixtures.
• Dynamic RGB light shows: Bespoke lighting show designs using CK Color Play3 authored software program. Value added to marketing of COGH as a tourist destination.
• CO² Emissions: Reduced CO² emissions by approximately 5.9 tonnes per year over traditional light sources.

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