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The Boardwalk - Sun International

The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World with an Architectural/Commercial/Hospitality/Retail portfolio, focused on general energy savings.


SSLI worked with their existing supply chain to evaluate the various product solutions in the world wide market. We sought and examined solutions with manufacturers in the Far East, North America and Europe. We found that the LED retrofit parts being offered in the open market to be sub-standard or only comparable to the existing solution.

We also found that resolving the salt corrosion issue to be, in the main, only achievable with existing solutions using secondary stainless steel trunking. This would be expensive to fit and possibly unworkable in many areas of resort, since the effort and cost of a new installation or complete refurbishment for Sun International would have been substantial.The product performance and pay back clearly had to make business sense beyond the current operational inconvenience of maintaining the existing network.

Any product to be imported to South Africa was also required to have a Letter of Authority from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS).


SSLI established that the only way to provide a cost effective solution to the problem was to have a product custom manufactured to SSLI’s specification and to ensure compliance standards were met by obtaining a Letter of Authority approving the import into South Africa.

The product was designed to allow custom lengths to be cut and sealed, providing IP68 protection from water and dust ingress. SSLI delivered two runs of product, 7km of large globe and 3km of small globe to suit the architectural deployment. It was essential that we matched the warm look and feel of the existing halogen lamps with our LED solution. SSLI delivered 3000 kelvin colour temperature LEDs to match the warm white of the halogen already on site and to ensure a contiguous look and feel through the resort.

The product has substantially reduced the energy consumption from 3 watts per globe to 0.6 watts per globe for the same light output, generating an 80% saving in energy costs. Further substantial maintenance savings were generated as a result of the the three year warranted solution, negating the need for regular lamp changes.

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