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Table Bay Hotel - Sun International

A 5 star Luxury Hotel - V&A Waterfront with an Architectural/Hospitality/Luxury portfolio, generating >70% energy savings over traditional lighting solutions.


The Hotel Management had a very strict requirement that SSLI were to provide an energy efficient LED solution that would provide > 50% energy savings while maintaining (and in some areas improving) the lux level requirements. Most importantly the ambience and colour temperature of the incandescent and halogen lamps had to be maintained.

In Hotels and Hospitality in general the atmosphere is the key. SSLI were instructed to maintain the comfortable, elegant environment required for the Hotels guests with the focus on gentle lighting. In the past the conventional energy saving bulbs used by the hotel for energy savings were often too cold, or too harsh. This interfered with decorative details, distracting from the design highlights created to emphasize a warm and inviting guest environment.


SSLI Pty Ltd work very closely with the customers facilities team to understand their business goals of > 50% energy savings while maintaining the ambience of the Hotels public areas.

We then translated these objectives into the Lighting project deliverables through the use of various Philips warm white light LED lighting lamp retrofit solutions that we tested on site, allowing us to:

• Reduce their energy costs/consumption and CO2 emissions.
• Reduce their maintenance costs through appropriate implementation of long lifetime, low or zero intervention products.
• Improve the lighting aesthetic and appeal of the architectural lighting of a building and ensure the desired impact on our customer’s facilities and their client’s experiences.
• Working after hours and early in the morning so as not to disturb the hotel guest and to ensure a seam less change over experience of the retrofit.

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